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Sara & her Vance Creek breakfast
Full set: www.jordanvoth.com/vance-creek-breakfast

The new chesterfield looks great in the shop! 😍

pretty building by bendisdonc on Flickr.

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"I want to be your 1 a.m. fuck and your 1 p.m. lunch date."

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"I don’t know what’s killing me more; talking to you or not talking to you."
from my diary, march 24 - bambive

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"Miles and States (Acoustic)" - Abandoning Sunday

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Everyone, meet the new love of my life. #Prius #Hybrid #Love #Obsessed

I’m buying a new car tomorrow, and after that, my family will own three Prius’. Basically, we’re going to look like a hybrid car dealership. 

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All That I Have

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